Fantinello Hotel in Caorle
Your 4 star seafront hotel is waiting for you from the may 2024

"UNLIMITED FLAVORS: Seafront Theme Nights at Restaurant Le Tentazioni!"

“Indulge in a world of culinary emotions without leaving our resort’s luxury. Join us at Restaurant Le Tentazioni for theme nights with great sea view in Caorle. Book now for a taste adventure without limits, because great taste knows no bounds!”

Fantinello Hotel in Caorle, a 4-star hotel located right in front of the beautiful beach of Caorle. A seafront surrounded by a large park of pine trees with two swimming pools and 18 holes of minigolf. For tennis enthusiasts, the Fantinello Hotel also has one tennis court and two padel courts.

Come and spend your holidays in Caorle, among relax, sea and nature. Let yourself be surprised by the new rooms, and the amazing pool

We are waiting for you!


Open the window and enjoy the air and the view of the sea. Your holiday in Caorle in the beautiful beach of Levante in our 4-star hotel with every comfort. Seven types of rooms to meet every need and style, your style. As a couple or alone, choose the room that best represents you and let yourself be overwhelmed by the emotions that summer offers.

Le Tentazioni a Caorle

Le Tentazioni gourmet restaurant in Caorle a mix of earth and sky, fire and water, yin and yang. A reunion of emotions and feelings transferred directly from chef Michele to the plate. Also open to all guests outside the hotel.


What to visit in the area around Hotel Fantinello

In the past this was where fishermen and their families lived, in the typical wooden and reed dwellings known as casoni, which can still be seen today, for example, along the cycle path that starts at the municipal stadium (Piazzale Olimpia), continues along Strada Palangon to the so-called “Isola dei Pescatori” (Fishermen’s Island) and from here, on a cycle/pedestrian path that runs alongside the lagoon, reaches Falconera: a route not to be missed!

The lagoon is navigable and those who are not organised with their own boat can, during the summer, explore it on board tourist boats which, as well as providing an evocative route through canals and dry land, often make stops to visit the casoni (fishermen’s huts)! Text taken from “”.

The entire Ca’ Corniani area is the protagonist of a valorisation project that combines agriculture, art and culture. The farm founded in 1851 is now a large multifunctional centre, thanks to the creation of an excursion network, a series of landscape works and the setting up of museums.

These are the interventions carried out on the 1,770 hectares of Ca’ Corniani:

-10 kilometres of cycle and pedestrian paths inside the estate (out of the 32 planned in the project)
-4.5 kilometres of pollination strips to encourage beekeeping
30,000 new plantings of trees and shrubs
-3 rest areas for visitors and panoramic viewpoints around the estate
-3 monumental works of art to indicate access thresholds
-12 summer events

During the summer there will be theatrical performances and open-air cinema screenings, photographic exhibitions and multimedia installations.

Text taken from “”.